‘Spirit of the Druid’   Lawrenny


Nature, changed through time by man and the elements, holds a fascination for me that goes way beyond the conflict between man and the environment; its ability to endure is formidable; its spirit will always shine through, presenting us with moments of breathtaking beauty.

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Urban & Rural


Refinery from the West


Having recently worked on a project called   ‘Haven ~ The Refineries’,   when the ESPY Urban & Rural competition was advertised, Jane decided to consider the impact of the refineries on the Urban environment; this was as a comparison to her earlier work which had concentrated on the rural impact, the effect of man & the elements on the landscape.
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Standing Stones in West Wales



As time passes, the old becomes forgotten, trodden on, until man realises its value and searches once more for its beauty. Many Standing Stones are hidden from our view, the access denied, the ground disturbed by the elements and the stone dislodged from its footings. We may not have the original but in the vision we can imagine.



Growing Up!

“I see, therefore I am”.

 ‘Growing-Up’  portrays what happens to our vision if we allow ourselves to grow-up and lose the magical imagination with which we were born.

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